Turning data into information you can use

You might need to iterate quickly to meet your market window. Or, you might be grappling with large amounts of data that make development unwieldy. Using xnlogic’s platform helps you get business logic into your data, structure it, and develop a functioning application—quickly. Using a graph database approach helps you make connections and create value.


Framework for delivery

Benefitting from the promise of graph databases requires a comprehensive approach to iteration, maintenance, security and access. This doesn't have to be painful.

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What you can expect from us

You can rapidly move your project from idea to execution. We work with you to transfer knowledge and develop in-house graph database technology skills.

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Real-world business applications

We have applied our techniques to solve a variety of client problems.

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To see how we can help with your graph database training and development, contact us@xnlogic.com.