> A framework for Graph Database Applications


The XN Framework is quickly becoming the go-to tool for rapidly producing graph database applications. In this world of Agile and NoSQL backed schema-less application development it isn't enough to just be fast, you need to ensure that the code your team produces is testable and maintainable from day one. We built the XN Framework just for you, with a perfect blend of enterprise-grade features and state-of-the-art technology.


While building the XN Logic framework, we’ve worked with Neo4j, OrientDB, and Sparksee graph databases and understand their unique pros and cons. We also understand where a key-value store, a document store, or a relational database might be a complimentary fit for your requirements and we know how to tie your graph database to them. You can achieve all of this cleanly with our proven toolset.


Typically APIs are very static, and they often require re-programming. The XN Framework API is extensible, allowing you to build out URLs in any valid way because of its ability to retain context. So, with any standard requests already in the system, this means you can just keep adding requests in an existing context. As a result, you save time building on the existing things that teams typically spend time on, freeing you up to do more sophisticated tasks that add the most value to your business.


XN Logic’s framework includes the HistoryGraph which lets you run ad-hoc queries on your system in real-time to generate a comprehensive analysis of that system at any point of its existence. Usually that kind of information is static—dumped to a record—and requires pre-processing, plus the involvement of other people. The HistoryGraph eliminates that and is non-resource-intensive.


Getting an XN Logic application up and running from design through to deployment can take as little as one week.

Don’t just take our word for it though, setup a proof-of-concept today!