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Whether you need advice on graph database platforms, how to best model your data or you're looking for an expert to support your development team as they change your business forever, we've got you covered.

XN Logic has been providing graph database consulting services since 2011 in a variety of industries including Aerospace, Insurance, Health Care, Finance and Technology. With engagement lengths ranging from weeks to months, with a mix of off-site and in-person we can efficiently service projects large and small, far and wide.

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We offer training packages across a range of graph database technologies, including our own XN Framework, Neo4J Enterprise and OrientDB which can be delivered at your office and are tailored your needs. We also run one-day tutorials at our office which include:
  • -> Intro to Neo4J
  • -> Intro to Data Modelling
  • -> Neo4J in Production
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Sometimes you need your service provider to just take care of everything. The XN Logic team and consulting partners are well equipped to take your next graph database project from conception all the way through to production hosting at scale.

What's more, is that by leveraging the XN Framework we will have you up and running in a fraction of the time than anyone else

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