> Neo4J + XN Logic


XN Logic is a Neo Technology partner. We offers services, licensing, an application framework, and visualization to drive value off the relationships in your data, using the power of the Neo4j graph database.


XN Logic offers end to end Neo4j advice and support. We’ll consult on data modelling and query design, run graph training focused on the needs of your team, assist with complex cluster design and deployment, and offer full stack graph application development to accelerate your team’s delivery. While we prefer to be in the room while you’re deciding on going with a graph to solve your business problem, we’re not averse to grabbing the next flight across continents or oceans to ensure that your Neo4j project hits its deadlines and key deliverables.


The XN Logic framework is a perfect complement to your Neo4j database. The framework offers the security, permissions, and auditing that your enterprise application need while also providing a domain-specific API and HTML 5 front end. Our domain specific language reduces the complexity of developing and delivering graph applications, giving more leverage to your resources. The framework reduces the time to value of your projects and dramatically cuts project risk.

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XN Logic resells and provides advice on licenses for Neo4j Enterprise Edition. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune-10 firm, XN Logic will help you decide on the right license for your use case and business and get you running quickly.


XN Logic delivers Graph Academy training courses on Neo4J as well as custom packages for your team, in your office.

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