Setting up

The xnlogic development environment includes a fully configured VM that allows you to get started quickly.

The development process


In order to run the xnlogic development VM, you will need to install the required software:

Next, you should install the xnlogic command-line tool.

~$ gem install xnlogic

That’s it, you are now ready to create and run your first xnlogic application.

Create An Application

Let’s create a new application, called my_app, and start a VM for this app.

~$ xnlogic application my_app --key xn_user:xn_password --up

The command above may take a little while the first time it runs, as it needs to download all required assets for a development VM.

The (optional) --up flag tells xnlogic to start a VM, once the application is created. If you don’t provide the --up option, you can start the VM later, using the xnlogic up command.

Create A Database

Once the VM is up, we can create a database for our application.

Log into the VM.

~$ cd my_app
~/my_app$ xnlogic ssh

Start the console.

➜  ~  xn-console

And create a database called db01.

jruby-1.7.18 :001 > PM.create_client('my_app', 'db01')

That’s it! our new xnlogic application is ready.