The time to market depends on the right expertise

Not having the right expertise on hand when you need it can cause you to miss your market window. Even well-managed development projects can fail. You have the data to create applications. The question is: How to use it? You might understand that graph databases offer tremendous potential but how can this technology work for you?

As the creators of Pacer, the first truly expressive graph traversal library written in any existing programming language, XN Logic applies a deep understanding of graph-related problems in low-level graph traversal to application architecture. You can expect not only faster development approaches and graph database queries from us but also dispassionate advice on the best solutions to your technical problems. We give you the end-to-end expertise you need for success. By presenting information how you want to see it, we can get you up and running—in weeks as opposed to months—with a full-featured application, that includes security, a user interface, and easy integration into your product suite.