Go-to-market engagement options

Our goal at XN Logic is to help you do dramatically faster application development. You can achieve this result regardless of whether you understand graph databases and the way our framework interacts with them.

At xnlogic we serve the following people:

  • Teams under pressure to deliver quickly
  • Organizations with lots of data to make sense of
The technology we’ve mastered is already meeting the development needs of organizations as diverse as independent software vendors, telcos, and media companies.

Your choices

  • End-to-end development—We’ll provide custom software development. We can also provide hosting, delivered as a managed service, externally or in-premises (which lets you apply your own security). We’ll do the work for you, faster, and leave you with an initial working system that you can build on after we train you on it. You won’t need to understand graph database theory or traversals.
  • Intensive consulting—Advanced training in graph database concepts and techniques, which sets you up to build your own applications or outsource the task.
  • Software licensing—We’ll provide access to our XN Logic application framework which leverages the Pacer graph traversal engine. You’ll also get the necessary documentation to rapidly leverage their capabilities.

Find out more

If you’d like to dig into the details of what XN Logic can do for you, contact us@xnlogic.com.