Data-driven applications for the enterprise

As your business evolves, the data you need to store and the connections within it become more intricate, leading to potentially unwieldy solutions. Our graph-focussed framework eliminates the complexity of your data model and provides a set of tools for developing applications incorporating security and detailed history—with a comprehensive, domain-specific API for accessing and acting on your data.



Framework for delivery

Benefitting from the promise of graph databases requires a comprehensive approach to iteration, maintenance, security and access. This doesn't have to be painful.

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Enterprise IT's configuration management practices finally have a solution to their complex domain! LightMesh was built by us on the XN Framework to support datacenter and cloud management, transition planning and integrated network and server CMDB functions.

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Graph databases are both fast and effective in detecting fraud before it hits your bottom line. Read our most recent case-study on fraud prevention, and talk to us about applying these techniques to your business.

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