Principals with a feel for graph data


David Colebatch

David Colebatch is a co-founder of xnlogicLightMesh and Tidal Migrations. Before XN Logic, Colebatch served as a consulting software and process architect focussed on network and configuration management. During this time, he successfully integrated network and system design processes with the needs of build and operations teams using custom software.

Colebatch holds a BASc degree in Software Engineering from RMIT Australia where his focus on service-oriented architecture (SOA) and social networks has greatly influenced his application of Web services to the graph paradigm.

Colebatch is motivated by the opportunities for creating solutions that integrate network and system design, build, and operations with today’s IT service management (ITSM) toolsets.

With over 10 years’ experience as the principal consultant at subData—covering a range of industries from public sector enterprise IT, to management consulting and manufacturing—Colebatch has a broad range of skills outside of software engineering to draw on.