We have just settled back into our Toronto office now after a very successful few days at GraphConnect SanFrancisco. Every Neo Technologies event exceeds expectations, be it the speakers, the humour or just the sheer amount of talent that they attract. This year attracted 450 talent nodes and undoubtedly many powerful relationships were created.

This year we were fortunate enough to receive the Graphie award for Excellence in Delivery, and met some more prospective customers and XN Framework partners who are looking to put that reputation to the test.

In case you missed Darrick's Lightning talk on how to use Pacer to model your graph application, the slides are now up on Slideshare (and below). With enough encouragement, we might even be able to get him to repeat the talk at an upcoming GraphTO meetup - so be sure to request it!

Hope to see you at GraphConnect New York on November 6th.