Get expert advice on your graphDB problem, delivered within 48 hours

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Graph 911

Do you have a graphDB emergency?

Our Graph-911 service is right for you if you are experiencing any of the following:

  1. Slow query performance in Cypher, Neo4J Java API, Pacer, Orient SQL or TinkerPop Pipes
  2. Complex and unmaintainable queries
  3. Data-modelling concerns with nowhere to turn for expertise
  4. Architectural questions for system deployments
  5. Data loading / ETL problems

Graph 911 delivers expert analysis of your graph problem within 48 hours for US $911*


Why xn logic?

XN Logic has been a trusted source providing expert, professional and timely assistance around graphDB problems since 2011.  

Our team of graph experts have decades of experience in enterprise software development and consulting across industries and problem domains. We are delivering to the world's leading companies and its most innovative startups and can leverage this broad experience to help your team.

Get the performance you need into production now by getting started with our team!



*Graph 911 covers up to 4 hours of professional services. XN Logic will contact you should your project require more effort or if it is determined that the 48 hour window will not be met. Neo4J, GrapheneDB.com and OrientDB only at this time.