Data-driven applications for the enterprise

As your business evolves, the data you need to store and the connections within it become more intricate, leading to potentially unwieldy solutions. Our graph-focussed framework eliminates the complexity of your data model and provides a set of tools for developing applications incorporating security and detailed history—with a comprehensive, domain-specific API for accessing and acting on your data.

Dealing with the real world

You wouldn’t want to risk developing on a platform that’s not ready for prime time. Our development platform was designed with the real world in mind. We built it for our own use while creating the enterprise-grade LightMesh configuration management database (CMDB). That means it’s ready for real-world intricacies and sophisticated use cases.

Useful application programming interface (API)

A good Web service API is a rare and wonderful thing. It facilitates integration with existing tools makes all sorts of useful manoeuvres possible. For a programmer, a good API is even useful on its own—for you can use it without the need for tools to translate your commands. We use our own API that way, every day, for LightMesh configuration management. You’ll work more efficiently with an XN Logic API because it’s automatically built from the same documents that describe your data.

An interface that enables you, securely

Once you’ve modelled your trickiest data, XN Logic’s framework enables you to use simple tools to push it into your production system. What’s more, it secures your data well enough so that you can grant access to your entire organization or just those who need access to it. Our Web-based user interface is powerful, beautifully designed and easy to use.

How it all works in practice

Using our platform, you can rapidly move your project from idea to execution. When you engage our development expertise we’ll build you a customized API that you can plug into your different workflows, and we’ll do it quickly. This API is very useful to build against because it is generated and consistent. We’ll declare the data model (as opposed to programming the data model) then rapidly move on to business logic. Furthermore, our methodology for composing queries from reusable parts (instead of programming them) makes our applications easy to understand.

We work with you to transfer knowledge and develop in-house graph database technology skills. You'll end up with an easy-to-understand, easy-to-maintain project with the tools you need to keep iterating—and the knowledge to take advantage of them.

Find out more

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