Benefiting from our unique focus

Your development project’s success could hinge on iterating rapidly or asking more sophisticated questions of your data. Where xnlogic can help is by providing a boutique consulting service. We focus exclusively on graph database technology. The expressiveness of the graph combined with the power of our platform creates the foundation for serious enterprise-grade software.

Principals with a feel for graph data

David Colebatch

David Colebatch is a co-founder of both xnlogic and LightMesh. Before XN Logic, Colebatch served as a consulting software and process architect focussed on network and configuration management. During this time, he successfully integrated network and system design processes with the needs of build and operations teams using custom software.

Colebatch holds a BASc degree in Software Engineering from RMIT Australia where his focus on service-oriented architecture (SOA) and social networks has greatly influenced his application of Web services to the graph paradigm.

Colebatch is motivated by the opportunities for creating solutions that integrate network and system design, build, and operations with today’s IT service management (ITSM) toolsets.

With over 10 years’ experience as the principal consultant at subData—covering a range of industries from public sector enterprise IT, to management consulting and manufacturing—Colebatch has a broad range of skills outside of software engineering to draw on.

Darrick Wiebe

A co-founder of xnlogic and LightMesh, Darrick Wiebe, has over 15 years’ of development experience with clients of all sizes. This includes several years consulting to the Governments of Canada and Ontario. As the lead developer for a successful startup, he brought them from idea to execution, resulting in worldwide product sales. He has consulted with a wide variety of startups and companies at all stages.

In addition to being proficient in a wide range of languages and technologies, Wiebe has been an expert Ruby developer since 2005.

Wiebe’s longstanding interest in database technology has led to his specialization in graph databases—for their power and expressivity. He has successfully applied graph technology to a variety of real-world problems faced by clients

Wiebe is the creator of Pacer, a highly descriptive, efficient graph traversal and manipulation library that facilitates experimentation. He has played a significant role in determining how to work with graph databases and creating practical applications with them.

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